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Over 1,500 Plans, Modern (glider, rubber, powered), Nostalgia (rubber, powered), Old Timers (gliders, rubber, powered), Scale (old timer rubber scale, miscellaneous scale).

Peanut Scale Plans, Larger Scale Plans, Kits

Pre-cut kits, Modern Hand Launched Gliders, Catapult Gliders, Old Timer Hand Launched Gliders, Towline Gliders, Rubber Powered Models (Modern, Old Timer, and Scale), Power Models (Modern, Nostalgia, and Old timer), Partial Kits

Quality laser cut kits.  Modern rubber, Nostalgia power, Old timer power, Sport electric. P-30 winders and torque meters.

Walnut scale and 30" Scale rubber powered laser cut kits

Jim O'Reilly Plans, Modern, Nostalgia and Old Timer CAD Plans

Pre-cut Old Timer Kits.

Order direct! These are quality hand cut partial kits. They offer Old timer, Modern and Nostalgia kits from available plans.  Nice wood selections! (this link will redirect you to their website for ordering)

  Full kits for the beginner to the expert.  Scale Models, rubber powered (modern and old timers), power models (from sport to competition, modern and old timers), gliders, and propeller kits.