Frequently Asked Questions


Why can't I send e-mail by clicking on the e-mail button?
Many "web based" e-mail servers are not configured to create and send mail when you are browsing the web. Typically these connections are ones where the e-mail server is separate from the web access computer. To send an e-mail simply copy the address into your address book or the "Send To" box when creating an e-mail in your normal manner. The address' to send to are;

How do I order?
I am working on activating the online ordering system complete with shopping cart and automatic tax and shipping calculations however this process takes time. Until then go to "Order form", print out the form, fill it in and either mail it to D. Heinrich Ind., 3154 Falcon St., Pomona, CA 91767 with a check or Visa/MC information or e-mail to

How secure is e-mail?
E-mail, despite all the doomsayers is as secure as the US Mail. When Online ordering is in effect the site will have even more security measures to protect your account information. If you are not comfortable ordering online please feel free to send a check or money order to the address above.

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