Peanut Scale Plans list
(13" maximum wingspan)

#P1. FW-56 STOSSER--German advanced flight trainer. Not recommended for beginners. $4.00


#P2. BREWSTER SBN-1--Pre-war US NAVY monoplane dive bomber. Saw some use as a trainer in WW-2. $4.00

#P3. VOUGHT V-143--Pre-war monoplane export fighter. $3.00

#P4. NORTHROP N-23 PIONEER--Tri-motor post war cargo plane. Only one built. $3.00

#P5. BOEING XF7B-1, 1930's experimental Navy fighter. $4.00

#P6. BOEING P-26 "PEASHOOTER"--US Army 1930's fighter. Some saw WW2 service in Phillipines. $4.00

#P7. FAIREY SPEARFISH--British experimental WW2 torpedo bomber. Never went into production. $3.00

#P8. NORTHROP P-61A AND P-61E-- Black Widow and E model which led to the F-15 Reporter. $4.00

#P9. CURTISS SB2C HELLDIVER--WW2 Navy dive bomber. $3.00

#P10. LOCKHEED MODEL 9 ORION--1931-1934 single engine passenger plane. Good Detail. $5.00

#P11. VULTEE P-66 VANGUARD--WW2 US and Chinese fighter. $3.00

#P12. BREWSTER SB2A-2 BUCCANEER (BRITISH BERMUDA)--WW2 Navy/Marine dive bomber. 750 built but only some used as trainers. $3.00

#P13. BLACKBURN FIREBRAND--British Torpedo Bomber. $3.00

#P14. BREWSTER F2A-2 BUFFALO--Pre-War and WW2 US Navy fighter. $3.00

#P18. SUPERMARINE SPARROW II--1920's British lightweight. $3.00

#P19. FAIREY FULMAR Mk I--British WW2 Navy Fighter. $3.00

#P20. BREWSTER XA-32A--Experimental WW2 US Attack plane. $4.00

#P21. VOUGHT OS2U KINGFISHER--Observation Navy observation plane (land version). $4.00

#P22. MITSUBISHI J2M3 RAIDEN--Japanese fighter plane (called Jack). $4.00

#P26. SWEDISH F.F.V.S. J22B--WW2 fighter. $4.00

#P27. KREIDER-REISNER (FAIRCHILD) XC-31--1934 single engine cargo plane. Only one built. $4.00

#P28. 1917 MORANE-SAULNIER A-1--WW1 French fighter. $3.00

#P29. MACCHI C.202 "FOLGORE"--WW2 Italian fighter (approx 3/8"=1'). $4.00

#P33. BLOCH MB-152--WW2 French fighter. (approx 3/8"=1'). $3.00

#P39. NIEUPORT TRIPLANE--WW1 experimental French fighter, not produced. $4.00

#P41. GRUMMAN F8F-2 BEARCAT--WW2 and later US Navy fighter. $4.00

#P52. BOEING F4B-2 (ARMY P-12C)--1929-1930 Navy fighter plane, predecessor to the F4B-4. $3.00

#P58. RYAN FR-1 FIREBALL--Post WW2 Navy fighter. Had poston engine in nose and jet in tail. Used on carriers. $4.00

#P60. CURTISS P-40B/C WARHAWK--WW2 Army fighter, version also used by the A.V.G. (Flying Tigers). $4.00

#P75. LFW CATO MODEL L "BUTTERFLY"--This peanut scale plan was purchased from Ed Toner. The plan is drawn for a Brown A-23 CO2 engine but is readily convertable to rubber power. $4.00

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