Rubber Powered

Modern Rubber

Souper 30, CAM 402

Contest winning P-30 design.  Stick and tissue construction.  Pre-cut ribs.  $25.00

Souper Coupe, CAM 406

Coupe D'Hiver class design by Lee Campbell.  Pre-cut ribs, molded prop blades, Japanese tissue.  $40.00

Majestyk, CAM 407

Elegant P-30 design by Thom Greenhalge.  Simple and functional with an under cambered wing airfoil.  $25.00

Scimitar, CAM 409

20" embryo endurance design by Florent Baecke.  Cracked rib construction.  $13.50

Souper Wake, CAM 408

A simple F1B Wakefield model a la Tilka.  Pre-cut ribs, ready to carve blades.  Kit still under development.  $80.00

Joe Williams Moffet, CAM 410

1996 Nats winner.  A proven performer.  Simple structure, ready to carve blades.  NFFS model of the year.  $50.00


Nesmith Cougar,  CAM 450

26" span simple to build model.  9 1/2" prop, pre-cut ribs.  Designed by Lee Campbell.  Not yet ready.  $25.00

Old Timer Rubber

Gypsy,  CAM 905

Earl Stahls' 1939 Wakefield.  45" span, pre-cut parts, molded prop blade, good tissue.  Plans re-drawn by John Blair.  $45.00

Smith Mulvihill,  CAM 907

1941 Nats winner.  Pre-cut parts, prop blanks marked for carving, hardwood prop hub, Japanese tissue.  $55.00

Lanzo Stick, CAM 911

300 square inch wing.  Pre-cut parts, molded prop blades, hardwood prop hub.  5/32" fuselage longerons.  $55.00

Dethermalizer, CAM 916

Dick Kordas' 52" span, 1941 Nats winner.  A large version of the famous 1939 Wakefield winner.  Ready to carve prop.  $55.00

Dynamoe, CAM 913

Wally Simmers classic rubber model.  Retracting landing gear, molded prop blades, pre cut parts.  $40.00

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