Old Timer, Catapult, and Towline Gliders

Old Timers

Obarski, CAM 912

18 3/4" span from 1938 Zaic yearbook.  Balsa fuselage.  $11.00

Vartanian, CAM 906

12" glider designed by Leo Vartanian.  Spruce fuselage.  $6.50

Hervat, CAM 915

21" glider designed by Joe Hervat.  Basswood fuselage.  Great funky looking glider.  $12.00


Catapult Gliders

Straight-Up, CAM 350

Competition catapult glider.  Rugged simple construction designed by Joe Mekina.  $11.00

Cata-Piglet,  CAM 351

14" catapult glider based on the Tiny Piglet planform.  Launcher included.  $11.00

Mini Catapult,  CAM 352

8" span glider designed by Chuck Markos.  Two easy to build gliders in each pack.  $6.50


Towline Gliders

Jesse James,  CAM 501

F1H/A-1 towline glider.  Rugged yet light construction designed by Lee Campbell.  Drawn by Dave Platt.  $32.00

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