We will be making a slight change to this listing.  BMJR has been going full steam putting out new kits and products and we have not been able to keep up.  As a result, I am including a link to their website here to see the full line of products and current pricing.  If you would like to order direct from them you will get your merchandise faster.  This is intended to get products to you as quickly as possible.

Modern Rubber Models

  2+ Tail Firster, Kit B-109

The Two-Plus is a canard design by Tony Pailleron who has spent 6 years perfecting this truly 2 minute plus "at sunrise" canard performer. 30" span, 44 laser cut parts:  $32.75

  Ugly-30, Kit B-301

A simple to build model designed around the AMA P-30 rules intended for the beginner, as a "success oriented" introduction to rubber powered free flight.  Everything, except the glue is in the box ready to provide that first rubber powered free flight experience.  52 laser cut parts:  $38.50

Nostalgia Models

   Baby Phoenix, Kit B-102

Designed by Frank Ehling and produced as a kit by JASCO in 1949. Model has a 35" wingspan, and has proven to be a very stable, easy to trim Free Flight model.  71 laser cut parts:  $32.25

   1/2A Kiwi, Kit B-103

A high performance low pylon model capable of handling the hottest engines, with an almost straight-up climb. Based on a 1954 design by Mahieu the BMJR kit has a 35" wingspan.  100 laser cut parts:  $36.50


  Geef 250, Kit B-104

A low aspect ratio wing with an undercambered airfoil produces a model with a fast climb and a floating glide. Design by Dan Sabola was state-of-the-art in 1956 and selected by the National Free Flight Society for one-design competition at the 1998 United States Outdoor Free Flight Championships. BMJR kit has a 35" wingspan.  97 laser cut parts:  $35.75

   Honey - B "275" or "600"

This Honey - B comes in 2 sizes: A 60" wing span "600" for Class A with a .15-.21 engine and a "275" for 1/2 A Competition. It was selected by the NFFS for One-Design Competition at the 1999 Nationals.

Kit B-108, "275",
98 laser cut parts:  $37.50

Kit B-107, "600",
105 laser cut parts:  $68.50


Modern Power


  Satellite Super D, Kit B-110

The Satellite Super D is based on the Satellite 1300, originally designed by Bob Hunter in 1959 and upgraded to the series 70 in 1970. The BMJR Super D  stabilizer has been reduced from 58% to 35% of the wing area which is intended to improve the power  pattern with todayís hot 60 size engines.  Model may be built in the classic style with vertical and horizontal stab as one unit, or with the vertical stab aft in the fuselage to accommodate auto surfaces.  124 laser cut parts:  $169.00


   Space-Rod, Kit B-111

Designed in 1957 by Vic Cunnyngham the Space-Rod evolved from Sal Tabibiís Spacer and Ron St.Jeanís Ramrod. The design inherited the best qualities of both models and set 10 free flight records. Although not Nostalgia legal, the Space-Rod with a TD .049/.051 (flown to Nostalgia rules) has been selected for NFFS one-design National competition in 2001.
  60 laser cut parts:  $35.75

Old Timer .020 Replica

   Timers Nightmare, Kit B-101

Designed by Frank Ehling in 1942, for class A competition. This high pylon "trend setting" model is a very stable flyer and an excellent choice for introduction to electric powered Free Flight. Model has a 30" wing span. 97 laser cut parts:  $30.50


   Mystery Man, Kit B-105

Designed by Elbert Weathers in 1938. Model has -- laser cut parts, and details for a drop off landing gear. Build the BMJR kit with a 36" span for O.T. Replica or 30" for O.T. Electric. Laser cut parts:  $37.00


   Zipper "A", Kit B-106

Produced as a Comet kit in 1940 based on a design by Carl Goldberg, the BMJR kit is a recreation of the original model for the Atom engine. Kit has 63 laser cut parts, and a 30" wingspan. 63 laser cut parts:  $35.75

  Half-Pint, Kit B-112

Published in the July 1940 Air Trails, the Half Pint was designed by Lew Garami to see how small a gas model could be built and still give satisfactory performance.  Originally with a 24 inch wingspan and an Atom ignition engine, it was not entered into competition because it did not meet the minimum weight requirement based on engine displacement of the 1940 rules.
The BMJR Half-Pint has been scaled up 125% to 30 inch wingspan, with an area of 202 sq. in. and today is very competitive in both FAC Old Time Gas Electric, with an EMPS MM1 electric motor and three 100mAh cells, or in SAM 02 Replica with a TD .020.  58 laser cut parts:  $32.50


Torque Meter and Winder

Torque Meter, Part T-101

Blown motors cause serious damage to rubber powered models. A Torque Meter with Blast tube protects the fuselage from blown motors, while providing an accurate measurement of the "power" wound in your rubber motor. Trimming a rubber powered model is simplified with a Torque Meter by allowing you to accurately duplicate the "power setting" flight after flight regardless of the number of winds. The BMJR P-30 Torque Meter is calibrated between 0 and 12 in-oz and is the perfect size for use with P-30 class and all Herr Scale Model Airplanes.  Only $19.50

3 1/2 to 1 Wnder, Part T-102

Engineered specifically to interface with the BMJR Torque Meter (or directly to rubber motor with hook provided). This winder has all metal gears with a comfortable pistol grip.  Only $19.25

Micro Electric

  Ugly-30, Kit B-301

The Ugly-30 is BMJRís introduction to Park Flyers. The R/C version is based on the P-30 rubber powered free flight kit B-301. It has been engineered for Micro R/C gear, and the Speed 280 class of electric motor. With its inherent free flight stability it can be flown using only throttle for altitude control and rudder trim tams for direction control. As your R/C skills progress the Ugly-30 is capable of loops, rolls, and Cuban 8ís.  52 laser cut parts:  $38.50

   Rambler, Kit T-201

An Old Timer Gas Free Flight designed by Gilbert Sherman and published in the September 1939 issue of Flying Aces Magazine. The original 68" span model has been scaled down to 17" by Tim Bucher, and is powered by a Kenway motor using 50 mAh cells.  50 laser cut parts:  $19.95

   Sky Demon, T-202

The Sky Demon Electro-Sport is a very simple easily built and trimmed model that is a good choice for a first electric Free Flight. Powered by a HiLine Micro 4 motor this Tim Bucher design is capable of excellent flight performance.  24 inch span, 22 laser cut parts:  $19.95

  Electrocuti, B-203

This small electric Tim Bucher designed cabinet model has a wingspan of 14 1/2 inches and is powered by a Kenway KRID (direct drive) electric motor and three 50 mAh cells.  It features a long tail moment, wing tips and windshield reminiscent of cabin monoplanes developed in the late 1920's.  These features combine to create an attractive and excellent flying micro-electric model.  21 laser cut parts:  $17.00

  Reisler R.III, B-204

The Reisler R.III was built by the Reisler Brothers in Berlin in 1922 under the company name of Stahlwerk.  The plane featured a low aspect ratio wing, a short nose, and the fuselage was open from the firewall to just behind the pilots seat, making this an ideal electric peanut scale model with reasonable motor / battery access.  This Tim Bucher design has a 13 inch wingspan, for a Kenway KRID motor with three 50 mAh cells and a 3.1" prop.  26 laser cut parts:  $15.95


Ugly-Sport  Ugly-Sport, B-302

The Ugly-Sport is a low wing sport model designed specifically for electric powered R/C Park-Flying. A prime consideration during design was to accommodate several Speed 280 motor configurations, with easy motor change-out allowing the builder to experiment with different motor/battery combinations. The Ugly-Sport has a 33" wingspan for a wing loading of 7 oz. per sq. ft. for slow flying, is capable of all ruder/elevator aerobatics, and will fly straight and level with minimum trim. The wing may be clipped to 29" span to increase the wingloading for better performance in the wind. 61 laser cut parts  $38.50

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