About your order

We would like to apologize if your order is late and offer the following to try and keep you up-to-date on the happenings within Aerodyne and Aerodyne Online.

Recently Allen Heinrich (Aerodyne) was compelled to take a full time job.  This means is that he is not as available as in the past.  He still owns the business but has sold off  the kit manufacturing to another company.  We still have all the fuels and paints as well as  plans.  We carry most of the same kits but may not have everything in stock at all times.  This means that your orders may not get shipped as fast as in the past.  Allen only gets into the shop a few days a week now and is trying to catch up on everything in those days.  Currently we are caught up on all but a few pre-paid orders and are trying to catch up on all of the phone orders.

You may also notice that in some cases the website now redirects you to another web site for ordering.  This is to make sure you get the product as fast as possible.

For those of you who do not know me (Daniel Heinrich), I run the Online business and buy most of my products from my dad.  I returned to school and recently earned my Engineering degree (Cal Poly Pomona) as well as my EIT certification.  I have been trying to make time to go to the shop at least once a week to fill orders and have been making progress on the stack of orders.  This website is mainly a service to modelers around the world.  I do not make much money with it and if I counted my time I would lose several thousand dollars a year running it.  I keep the site up as a source for free flight supplies for those who otherwise would have none.

We thank you for your orders and are doing our best to keep everyone happy.  Our best advise is to order early and if you haven't seen it within 6 weeks then e-mail me at askdan@freeflightmodels.com.

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